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Errata for version 1.0

After publishing the Gothic 3, walkthrough I discovered various problems,  both factual and pure spelling and wording problems. I though I had reviewed and spell checked enough, but not so.

One of the factual errors I discoverd in the walkthrough is that the teleporter stone for Montera is counted twice. Instead the 30th teleporter stone is the one for the Shrine of Innos, currently omitted in the guide. This stone can be received allready in part 2 which also means you will receive your first fire chalice since it is given at the same time. This has a chain effect on other parts so the walkthrough needs to be updated.

The walkthrough mentioned a .txt version, but I have decided to leave that out as long as I am still correcting the PDF version. I may convert it to .txt at a later stage when I am more confident that any errors have been removed.

I am currently doing a second review, but since the document is long and I have little spare time it may take anywhere from a  few days to weeks.

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