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Gothic 3, The Definitive Walkthrough

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Here you can download “Gothic 3, The Definitive Walkthrough”, in PDF.

Gothic 3, The Definitive Walkthrough Version 1.0 (2012-06-29) (PDF Version)

This is a guide for the game Gothic 3, an open-ended RPG for the PC, which was released back in 2006. I have seen some guides, walkthroughs and FAQ’s for this game in the past but none that I felt was satisfactory to the way I wanted to play the game and none that accounted for the changes brought by the Community Patches.

This guide will help you fully explore the game to a level you never could before, do all quests, get all the reputation, all weapons, visit every corner of the map, open every chest, complete the Community Patch easter egg, try out all the endings and much much more… The guide is a full 236 pages of detailed instructions allowing you to solve the game linearly, or if you prefer, to serve as a very comprehensive resource for information and inspiration.

For those of you who never played the game, this is the third installment in the legendary Gothic series. It features most of the things fans loved about the first two Games (unlimited inventory, recurring enemies and factions, Gothic lore, gradually build up of stats, skills and spells) but brings a whole new dimension to the concept of “open-ended” role playing. That is the game is not divided into zones, as you’d find in your typical RPG, but one enormous world without any time-outs for loading of levels. Perhaps this is what makes this game unique in gaming history and still worth playing to this day.

More frequently Gothic 3 will be mentioned in the context of “Buggiest game in gaming history”. While this is partially true for the original versions of Gothic 3, you should know that a lot of work has been done on the game since back then, by the Community Patch team. Downloading and installing the latest of their patches (version 1.74) will resolve most issues and let you play the game as it was originally intended. All the bugs are not gone, but at least you should not encounter any ones breaking the game.

Well then, all that remains is for you to check out the game (it will be worth your while) and please download and use the walkthrough!

Have fun!

  1. GoHard
    2012/07/02 at 22:08

    Your guide fulfills its’ purpose, but it is outdated because in 1.75 you can’t interact with objects during combat and you describe a lot of situations like this i.e. looting Gotha, running past guard, etc. Good work though!

    • 2012/07/16 at 14:08

      Thanks for the comment.

      I was not aware of this. I guess playing with patch 1.75 requires doing things slightly different then.

  2. miyel19
    2014/09/01 at 17:55

    Hi,I recently discovered Gothic 3 and it has become my favorite game, so many interesting quests with a great story background, beautiful and large open-world, interessant combat options.. fantastic even on current game and graphics standards, and almost more interesting to explore than the Elder Scrolls series that I love too! I first played freely than with the help of the quests guide from gamepressure and made errors and missed quite a lot of quests.
    Now I replay using your guide although I don’t like being too much guided, so I use it more like a reference concerning quest warnings, searches of chests or other items, various recommendations.. Great guide thank you, even if outdated with the latest game version as you cannot do several actions as described (read tablets during combat for example so the Ancient Knowledge you get if you try to accumulate it at level 1 is not so high than described)!
    Just a criticism: there are quite a few mix-ups in the indicated directions, particular annoying when lost in the Varant desert searching for tablets or finding your way, especially between East and West, sometimes also between North and South! Anyway it allows you to explore freely and find your way yourself so not a big deal 😉
    Again thanks for this great guide!

    • miyel19
      2014/09/01 at 22:14

      Just a (funny) example of mix-ups between East and West, where I wondered if you smoked something or not (don’t hesitate to delete or arrange my comments!): page 118 of the guide:
      “Teleport back to Lago. Follow the path “south east” to encounter 2 jackals. Continue along the road leading “south west” and explore any patches of grass on the sides of the road. You will encounter an ogre on the way.”
      Of course to “continue” the south east road means that you must continue south east and not suddenly south west, as there is no path south west and the ogre is south east on the same path!
      There are many examples like this and it can be really confusing!

      • 2014/10/31 at 22:18

        Thanks for mentioning.
        I will make sure to look into that if I get a chance to work on the guide.

    • 2014/10/31 at 22:18

      Hi Miyel,

      Thanks for the feedback.
      I am sorry about the mixups – it must be very frustrating.
      If I had made the guide today I would have supplied a map with indexes instead of saying go west, go east and so on. I am afraid I have not chance to repair the guide in the near future but if I do I will pay attention to it.

  3. yosef
    2014/10/18 at 06:00

    if you buy it from CDProjekt, It’s already patched to 1.74 community patch, compatible with your guide. I’d like to make a Youtube let’s play of your walkthrough, I know it would take a long time. And if CDP has updated the patch to 1.75, there’s probably a way to get the older version.

    • 2014/10/31 at 22:15

      Hi Yosef,

      If you make a youtube video pleae share a link.
      I would really like to see it!

  4. yosef
    2014/10/18 at 06:01

    whoops. looks like they don’t sell it anymore.

    • 2014/10/31 at 22:16

      With CDProjekt do you mean Gog.com? They had the game until 2 or 3 months ago. I am not sure why it got pulled. Anyone who purchases before that point of time can still re-download/install it. I guess it does not help you right now 😦

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